IORA RCSTT signed MOU with CSIR-CIMAP on Medicinal Plants


On February 24, 2018, in the presence of IORA Secretary General H.E. Dr. Nokwe, the IORA Regional Centre for Science and Technology Transfer (RCSTT) signed a MOU with the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, Lucknow (CSIR-CIMAP) for establishment of a Coordinating Center focused on promoting scientific and technical cooperation and collaboration in specialized fields of Medicinal Plants.

“Synergism between Academician, Business and Government in the Development of Medicinal Plant Products: Utilization of Evidence-Based Research”
The Third Meeting of Medicinal Plants Focal Points of IORA RCSTT was held from 10-12 May 2017 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The meeting was organized by the National Agency of Drug and Food Control (BPOM) of the Republic of Indonesia in collaboration with IORA Regional Centre for Science and Technology Transfer (IORA RCSTT), supported by IORA Secretariat and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Indonesia.

The meeting was attended by resource persons and participants from Bangladesh (one participant), China (20), I. R. Iran (6), Kenya (1), Mauritius (1), Mozambique (1), Seychelles (1), South Africa (2), Sri Lanka (3), Tanzania (1), and Thailand (1). In response to IORA Council of Ministers endorsement for signing the MoU between the IORA Regional Centre for Science and Technology Transfer (IORA RCSTT) and the Institution of Seawater Desalination and Multipurpose Utilization, SOA (Tianjin) (ISDMU) to establish the “IORA RCSTT Coordination Center for Desalination Technologies” for IORA region, this programme was organized.