October 15-17, 2019, Tehran – I.R. Iran


On October 15th, 2019, in Tehran, I.R. Iran, the Workshop on Salts and Chemicals Extraction from Saline Waters Workshop for IORA Countries was jointly organized and inaugurated by IORA RCSTT and Sharif University of Technology, Institute of Water and Energy in close cooperation with the Institute of Seawater Desalination and Multipurpose Utilization (ISDMU),
SOA, China and Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST). The event was held with the logistic provision of IORA Secretariat and with the financial support of IORA Special Fund approved in the 20th Meeting of the Committee of Senior Officials (CSO), Durban, South Africa on 31 October to 1 November 2018.


The workshop was attended by about 30 participants from 11 IORA Member States and Dialogue Partners including Bangladesh, China, France, India, Iran, Italy, Oman, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Thailand.
In the opening ceremony, Dr. Miremadi, the Director of RCSTT opened the discussion highlighting the significance of the water as the indispensable mater of life for every individual and the importance of the desalination technologies which has made many communities to have access to water. “Yet, this technology does not come without cost”, Dr. Alalomohoda added, the environmental pollution is one of its prices which the scientists should find solution for. Dr M. Movahedi, Vice President of Research and Technology, Sharif University of Technology, continued this discussion with introducing the extraction of minerals from the saline water as an enabling and complementary technology which mitigate water pollutions and economize the process of desalination.
The discussion continued with inviting the audience to intervene and bring up their technical point of view and to give their short country reports.



The workshop continued then with three consequent sessions on the following topics:

- Environmental impacts of brine discharge
- Dual-purpose desalination plant
- Valuable and Trace Elements

In the concluding session, the participants at the Workshop recommended that the IORA RCSTT in cooperation with the related regional and international organizations establish a regional mechanism to support knowledge networking on the subject of salts and chemical extraction from saline waters for future development. Further, they resolved to prepare a project proposal on salts and chemicals extraction executed as the scale of pilot plant. This plant could be a dual purpose site, focusing on desalination and Extraction of minerals from saline water resources at the same time.
At the end, the draft declaration including the views and recommendations of participants in the Workshop was reviewed, discussed and resolved.