The IORA Regional Centre for Science and Technology Transfer (IORA RCSTT, formerly IOR-ARC RCSTT) was established on 28 October 2008 pursuant to the recommendation of Academic Group of the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA, formerly IOR-ARC), approved in the 7th meeting of the IORA Council of Ministers, held on 7-8 March, 2007 in Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran, and MOU dated 23 June 2008 between Islamic Republic of Iran and the IORA Secretariat.

The Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA), initially known as the Indian Ocean Rim Initiative, is an international organization with 19 member states. It was first established in Mauritius on March 1995 and formally launched on 6-7 March 1997.IORA activities include several on-going topical projects and work programs conducted by member countries with shared interests, all of which are under the umbrella of 3 separate working groups.

The Centre comprises an Advisory Council, a Secretariat including Director and staff, and a Scientific Advisory Panel.

The activities of the IORA Regional Centre for Science and Technology shall be in line with relevant policy decisions set out by the Charter of the IORA, following the aims and objectives of supporting applied research, policy and human resource development programme as well as supporting development of new technologies, joint cooperation and transfer of technology among the Member States and the other countries, focusing on the following purposes and functions:

  1. Human resource development on the specialized context in the region particularly by focusing on technology development, commercialization and transfer;
  2. Facilitating technology development ,commercialization and transfer among the Member States;
  3. Determining joint development priorities on science and technology and conducting research projects and action plans to develop technology in the region;